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Website: Project Tolerance

Outputs: Exchange of good practices - presentation and video clip

In today’s world, violence, aggression, intolerance, racism and ethnic discrimination are tendencies that can be observed in the behaviour of the students from all the partner countries - Estonia, Lithuania, Turkey, Romania and Portugal - of this Erasmus+ project. We are certain that raising awareness and understanding through various activities and cooperation will help with empathy, so sorely needed in our world.

The project aims:

  • developing civic competencies and increasing self-esteem of students from five EU countries
  • facilitating understanding the concepts ‘tolerance’ and ‘mutual understanding’ at a personal level as well as in the European context
  • providing participants with practical examples for acting as civic-minded citizens
  • raising awareness about diversity and cultural identities promoting social cohesion
  • boosting the feeling of belonging to the EU community

To achieve the above-mentioned goals, an innovative attitude will be applied. Linking the benefits of using ICT in education will tackle give personality dimensions:

  • openness to experience: students will be motivated to express their emotions and opinions using Art. They will produce the movie “Tolerance through my eyes” together as well as scenarios for the Forum theatre and digital photos. They will use art for the Festival of Tolerance And Mutual Understanding.
  • extraversion: team building activities, sports competitions and board games will stimulate students’ assertiveness and sociability.
  • amicability: working in transnational groups and making products together will develop students’ cooperation skills. The flashcards, the dictionary of the project, handmade bookmarks and thematic puzzles will be tangible products they will create together.
  • neuroticism: students will experience unpleasant and pleasant emotions: irritation, sadness, nervousness and vulnerability during the Forum theatre activity. They will become aware of how intolerance is perceived by others, they will develop empathy and see how important it is to be an active citizen.

The activities are designed to develop the tolerance, mutual understanding, intercultural competences, social and civic spirit. The international cooperation will broaden the cross-cultural knowledge and understanding about the countries, cultures and values strengthening the feeling of belonging to a united Europe.

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